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Flexo Plate Processing Equipment - at it´s best.

These are the units we currently have for sale.

It is possible to check the units Codes 1181,1282,12053 and 1182 as they are still in processing mode. Located close to the Franfurt airport. The shown prices are net prices. You need to add crating and shipping costs.
Some units are not the youngest, but were not used much and were carefully operated.
The reason for closing the production is the price war in Germany for photopolymer printing plates as well as the owner has
another company in the building and needs space for expanding.

Please come back with any further questions you might have. But please add your complete address.
If you have found equipment which matches your customers need, we will provide you then with a detailed quotation.

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List 01-02 -2019 www.flexo-technic.de Year &
Code E  1181

Made in Germany
350 x 190 x 120 cm
Flexolaser 800 kg
Base 2.000 kg

Thermoflex imagers accept 1-bit TIFF files generated by any workflow, RIP or front-end and will handle any innovative screens such as hybrid or surface screens. The Thermoflex comes with a separate computer with the program Multiplate, which is very simple to operate. https://multiplate.software.informer.com/  Thermoflex imagers will expose any plate with a LAM layer such as flexo, letterpress and dry offset plates. In addition, Thermolaser imagers will expose Gallus Screeny (digital screen) as well as ablative film. The unit stands on a 2 t heavy granite block which makes it almost vibration free. The 2-beam fibre laser has 35 Watt - Drum circumference: 127 cm - Drum width: 165 cm Resolution: 2540.

No other digital imager offers the unique Vacuum Slider Concept (VSC). Based on smart design, operators can insert the plate in the advanced clamping system and slide the vacuum setting toward the plate edge, and they are done! No more need for special tape constructions or cutting plates to fit dedicated vacuum zones, thus, allowing the use of cut-off scraps! The size of the unit is 350x190x120 cm – weight of the granite block is 2 t – the unit itself is 500-800 kg.

ONLY approx. 5000 working hours
from possible 50.000 hours.




48.000 EUR
Code P 1282
Made in The Netherlands

Conected with Code No. 12053,
full automatic process.
Complete 554 x 182 x 195 cm
Plate entrance 265 x 182 x 195 cm
Washer 303 x 182 x 195 cm

Pre-Solvent Heating Tank 162 x 180 x 60 cm
Weight 2.200 kg
The lnterFlex Washout Unit has an unique flat washer design, where plates are transported horizontally. In order to simplify plate feeding, the transport sticky plate is equipped with a clamp free, transport system. This feature will allow your company to maximize the complete plate format without wasting thousands of square cm of expensive material used for the punch bar. Simply place any plate onto the transport plate, equipped with an adhesive mat. sticky plate) Multiple plates can be placed to the adhesive plate without waisting material. Smal long stripes are often ripped of in systems with punched plates on pin bars. The fully automatic access door will close and the transport plate will invert to carry the plates upside down over the brushes and initialize washout cycle. During the washout cycle, multiple counter rotating brushes operate simultaneously. The brushes carry the solvent up to the plate while the transport plate jogs laterally and horizontally. The washed out platen is continuously in contact with the brushes. The plate is gradually lowered to the desired relief preventing detrimental pressure that can cause the loss of isolated dots. The lnterFlex Washout unit is delicate to the plate but quick and efficient with extremely low solvent consumption. Upon completion of the washout cycle, the plate proceeds through a clean solvent rinse and dry brush station. One brush carries clean solvent up to the plate and the second brush makes the plate touch dry. Next, a highly efficient exhaust system quickly removes any residual solvent fumes generated from the washout cycle in just a few seconds. An additional floor exhaust system is engaged to prevent undesirable fumes from the washout solvent from entering the plate room as the automatic door opens. Finally, the finished plate can be removed from the transport plate easily. Due to this unique patented design, the lnterFlex Washout unit provides the fastest and most optimal washout available. The use of costly lint-free towels is no longer necessary because the plate exits the lnterFlex Washout Unit dry to the touch. The entire process is incredibly quick. A .067? plate can be completely processed in 3 to 6 minutes, depending on the solvent being used and relief desired. .



35.000 EUR

Code 12053

Made in Germany
Distiller   85 x 140 x 210 cm
Vacuum 135 x 110 x 180 cm
Tank A   100 x 110 x 132 cm
Tank B   120 x 120 x 132 cm
  • Cubical, vacuum-tight distillation boiler, pressure relief valve, solvent-resistant coating
  • Heating jacket with thermal oil as heat transfer medium, integrated Ex-de heating elements, oil expansion tank with minimum-level switch as safety against low oil level
  • Insulation of boiler and heating jacket
  • Water-cooled condenser, parts in contact with solvent are made of stainless steel
  • Temperature limiter switches off the heating if the solvent temperature exceeds a set limit
  • Large cleaning hole with hinged cover and ball valve for residue discharge
  • Control cabinet with control elements for installation outside the hazardous area

  • Conected with Code No. P 1282,
    full automatic process.
  • 1994


    14.000 EUR


    Code E  1182
    Made in France
    338 x 212 x 207 cm

    Weight 1.420 kg
    Du Pont Cyrel* 3001 ETL

    The main exposure is performed with 44 UV-A fluorecent tubes - Xtreme toubes on request possible. The main exposure is performed with 44 UV-A with built-in reflectors that are located in the customize up to 20 basic exposure set ups through the touch screen control panel. The exposure unit also features programmable back exposures. To perform the back and main exposure, it is not required to flip the photopolymer plates. The backexposure is performed with 46 UV-A fluorescent tubes with built-in reflectors that are located underneath the exposure glass plate. Unique to this equipment is the pre-heating exposure section which translates into predictable and consistent back exposure.


     14.000 EUR
    Code DLF 1345
    Made in France
    262 x 197 x 141 cm
    Weight 890 + 380 kg
    Du Pont 3001 Dryer + Light-Finisher

    18.000 EUR
    Code M 2040
    Made in Netherlands
    Flat Mounting Table

    1 Step is on the computer. Get the image of the complete corrugated board with all images. Place over a layer (you will get the layer with the unit) which shows the same letter/numbers as the Flat Mounter Table.
    Insert the cross marks on the image which meets best the corresponding letter/number.

    2 step           Producing the plates.

    3 step           Punching of the cross marks by means of the special punch.

    4 step           Insert the needed pins to the corresponding holes.

    5 step           Put double adhesive tape on the plates, as usual

    6 step           Pin the plates face down to the corresponding pins.

    7 step           Roll over the milar to cover all single plates.

    8 step           Cut of the letter/numbers

    Done. Very simple to use, very precise and material saving.

     22.000 EUR
    Code 12152
    Made in Germany

    RENZMANN ROTO 140 distiller,

    stainless steel -
    ready for continuous distilling.

    The RENZMANN distillation units type ROTO recover contaminated solvents through continuously distillation.
    A rotating scraper system permanently cleans the heat transfer surfaces; thus it is possible to distil even highly contaminated solvents or waste inks, to reduce the residue to a large extent, and to discharge it automatically.

    Filling capacity: approx. 140 l
    Vessel capacity: approx. 300 l

    Distillation output: approx. 30-60 l/h (depending on the solvent values may differ)

    Electric heating: 9 kW



    24.000 EUR

    Code LF 1430
    Made in France
    92 x 120 cm - 
    Light-Finisher for flexo printing plates
    Du Pont Cyrel* 1002 LF

    The unit is designed with an exposure bank fitted with UV-A and UV-C tubes,
    a control panel, one drawer, fitted with an electronically timer.

    4.200 EUR 
    Cutter 45° + 90°
    Made in U.S.A.
    Prices start for orders after 01.01.2019

    Flexo Plate Cutter 45° + 90°
    available in different sizes :
    39" =   98 cm = 2.228 Euro - 61808
    46" = 118 cm = 2.445 Euro - 61812
    60" = 153 cm = 2.790 Euro - 61816
    86" = 218 cm = 3.130 Euro - 61820
    Prices 2019



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    The shown prices are net prices. You need to add your commission, crating, transportation and installation costs.

    ONLY the prices shown in our quotation or pro-forma invoice are binding and valid.
    ALL USED machinery is offered on an as is, ex site basis unless otherwise stated in writing, subject to prior sale and/or availability.
    All used machines are offered subject to remaining unsold.

    Please note our payment terms for USED machine
    50% deposit with official order
    50% before crating resp. when ready for shipment.

    On NEW articles your warranty is 12 month on all parts besides brushes, tubes and vacuum foil. The parts will be shipped on your account.
    All specifications are correct to the best of our knowledge but it is the customer's responsibility to ensure him self that the equipment meets his requirements.

    Please note our payment terms for NEW machinery
    50% deposit with official order
    50% before crating resp. when ready for shipment.

    If this is of interest for you, please come back with any further question you might have

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