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Code LF 1430
Made in France
92 x 120 cm - 
Light-Finisher for flexo printing plates
Du Pont Cyrel* 1002 LF

The unit is designed with an exposure bank fitted with UV-A and UV-C tubes,
a control panel, one drawer, fitted with an electronically timer.

4.200 EUR 
Cutter 45° + 90°
Made in U.S.A.
Prices start for orders after 01.01.2019

Flexo Plate Cutter 45° + 90°
available in different sizes :
39" =   98 cm = 2.228 Euro - 61808
46" = 118 cm = 2.445 Euro - 61812
60" = 153 cm = 2.790 Euro - 61816
86" = 218 cm = 3.130 Euro - 61820
Prices 2019




The shown prices are net prices. You need to add your commission, crating, transportation and installation costs.

ONLY the prices shown in our quotation or pro-forma invoice are binding and valid.
ALL USED machinery is offered on an as is, ex site basis unless otherwise stated in writing, subject to prior sale and/or availability.
All used machines are offered subject to remaining unsold.

Please note our payment terms for USED machine
50% deposit with official order
50% before crating resp. when ready for shipment.

On NEW articles your warranty is 12 month on all parts besides brushes, tubes and vacuum foil. The parts will be shipped on your account.
All specifications are correct to the best of our knowledge but it is the customer's responsibility to ensure him self that the equipment meets his requirements.

Please note our payment terms for NEW machinery
50% deposit with official order
50% before crating resp. when ready for shipment.

If this is of interest for you, please come back with any further question you might have

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